Uruk-Hai - A Night In The Forest (2004)

*Год: 2004
*Стиль: Pagan / Ambient
*Страна: Austria
*Формат: mp3@VBR199kbps
*Размер: 102MB


1. Chapter I: Enter Fangorn
2. Chapter II: The Sprit Of The Wind
3. Chapter III: Elevenpath
4. Chapter IV: A Light Into The Darkness
Полное время альбома: 1:12:01

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Uruk-Hai - A Night In The Forest (2004)

A sunny day in the deepwood... — 92%
Written by _ImNachtUndNebel_ on September 10th, 2007

The first time I came to know Uruk-hai was about the split with Vinterriket and Nak’kiga “Ira Deorum Obliviorum”. I like very much Vinterriket, even in the most ‘ambient’ and monotone pieces, and I listen to much other music similar, so I decided to try Uruk-hai's "A night in the forest". Ambient music is a difficult kind of music, it can be listened only in particular moments, or can be played as a ‘background’. There aren’t other ways to enjoy it; you can’t listen to an ambient album and expect to have fun or whistle along the melody or do headbanging as you can do with a power metal work or Motorhead. You must be in a special kind of mood, have the will to use your imagination intensively and for long minutes, and nothing less of that; or you can put it as a background and let it create an atmosphere for the room you are in, as an incense stick, and nothing more of that.

Now this work may seem monotone and boring to everyone isn’t familiar with ambient music. Nevertheless, all the ambient music lovers will be satisfied. It’s a great piece of music. But I must say that it doesn’t respect its title at all: except for a few moments, this music is very open-spaced and serene. It doesn’t speak about a ‘Night in the forest’, it seems rather a “Sunny day in the forest” instead, with just a little bit of fog. It’s very funny that Uruk-hai put rain sounds between the tracks, because the notes are very sunny and shining. It is similar to Jon Mark’s work “The deepwood” for example, or it may remind the serenity of Brian Eno’s “Discreet music”, or also something by Vinterriket. (Obviously, this album is not metal.)

Long, open streams of chords and widely expanded notes upon a carpet of special effects similar to little bells ringing; here’s all you can expect from this work from a ‘technical’ point of view. Although, the atmosphere is really convincing and captivating; you’ll find yourself in the middle of a misty, spiritual forest with the rays of the Sun that penetrate slowly between the deepwood and the tall, secular trees, infinity and loneliness. Very enjoyable, but only for ambient music long-experienced listeners.

Uruk-Hai - A Night In The Forest (2004)